The Chronicles

11 - The Northern Mountains


  • With most of their men bloodied, and some near death, the Outriders party was able to make it into a small ruin and hold whilst they dealt with their wounded. Hawk commanded Toothpick to scout ahead, and he was able to find the ruins of an Ulsine mage’s mountain hideaway concealed within a ruined mine.
  • After securing the area the party had chance to rest, but when Akara vanished after stepping onto a magical plate the able bodied men and women were forced to follow and rescue her, and her lover Miri from the dungeons beneath.
  • Though they encountered a demonic being who almost killed Myrick, Toothpick was able to somehow channel a massive amount of preternatural force, which caused the dungeon to become illuminated and all items within a large radius to become magically inert.
  • On re-emerging into the mine the group were ambushed and captured by a race of huge, bipedal felines calling themselves the Kyshiri. With many men wounded and unable to fight they were unable to affect an escape and were taken deep within a subterranean settlement hidden within one of the mountains.
  • The commanders were brought into a vast chamber deep within the settlement, and presented to the dragon Corolailath, the creature they had been sent by Mardero to kill. The creature commanded that they go to Empyrrean and report on what they found there, and said that it would keep the other surviving party members until they returned. Thankfully Akara, Miri, Weir and Clem were not taken prisoner, and as Hunter, Hawk and Toothpick made their way towards Empyrrean, led by their Kyshiri guide Borlach, they attempted to make their passage easy to follow.
  • En route the party encountered one of the ancient trolls, but Hawk was able to best the best in single combat, and the group made their way deeper into the mountains.


That was a great session. I nulled the crap out of that dungeon!!

11 - The Northern Mountains

Totally intentionally of course :)

11 - The Northern Mountains

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