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This is the first Continent, or at least what remains of it.

Seventy years have passed since the great cataclysm known as Kaldair’s Lament destroyed millions of lives, ripping magic from the world in the process. Where once proud cities stood only fields of salt remain, where there were mighty fortresses there are now only ruins, scorched by flames from the sky and blackened by continual rains of ash. Foul creatures, horrifically changed by the touch of the Lament, stalk the inhospitable wastes, devouring or corrupting all who cross their paths.

It is a dangerous time to be alive, yet the sentient beings who make their homes within the first continent have survived. There are still areas which remained unspoiled, cities and whole nations which have weathered the storms of this new world and become stronger for it. The world is hard, but they are harder.

These are the Chronicles of the Age of the Lament.

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The Chronicles

Cynric Jack Impysh