Ulsines hail from the kingdom of Ulsinor, from which they derive their name. The territories of Ulsinor were once a number of smaller kingdoms known collectively as the All-clan territories. Each of the provinces was a separate state ruled over by a hereditary lord. When the Trolkin (Dyar) horde invaded in 97BR the hero Bana Ulsain united the clans and drove the invaders back. He was crowned as Emperor soon afterwards and the nation was renamed Ulsinor in 277AR.


Ulsinor’s culture is based on the veneration of the fiture of Bana Ulsain, who they refer to as “The Founder” or less commonly as “The Dragar”. The Empress or Emperor of Ulsinor is always a direct blood descendent of the first emperor.

Ulsinor’s society is feudal, with intricate structures of noble houses having dominion over their provinces based on the ancient principles of succession once followed by their clan. The nation is often said to be the most enlightened in the First Continent, and is the location of the greatest seat of learning and repository of knowledge ever constructed – The Aureate College.

Ulsinor has a standing army known as the Dragar Legion and a large, far ranging police force known as the Shields.


Ulsines are fair skinned and taller than the other races. They show the most variety in body shape, hair and eye colour of any race. Their dress and manner is diverse and they are by far the most numerous of the human races, with Shaels following a close second and Torekkians third.

Post Lament

Ulsinor fared better than most lands under the onslaught of the Lament. Many of its people and structures survived, but the great disaster, coupled with the events ofThe Black Siege have led to an increasing intolerance of magic and any of the magically “tainted” races.


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