Colloquially referred to as “Dwarfkin”, the Ulari are a squat, muscular humanoid race who make their homes beneath the earth. The word Ulari is Old Tongue, meaning “Under Folk”. Ulari are composed of both organic tissue and mineral deposits, which steadily toughen over time. All Ulari begin life with rough, grey skin and gemlike eyes, but as they age they must ingest more mineral than organic foodstuffs.

Ulari can live for many hundreds of years and are the most hardy of the sentient races. Most sport long plaited hair and beards which are woven into their armour to avoid the necessity of cutting the hair, which is strong enough to deflect sword blows.

Ulari of greatly advanced age become utterly immobile and are interred in the great halls beneath the Northern Mountains.

Ulari culture is vastly different from the other races, but they are secretive and insular. Few other races truly understand them, and only know of their existence due to their extensive network of “runnermines”, tunnels beneath the earth.

Ayrgari have an ancestral hatred of the Ulari due to their race’s defeat in The Clay Wars


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