History and Culture

Torekkians are a nomadic people, and they possess no written history. Most of their traditions are passed on through word of mouth and are culturally bound to family groups no more than a hundred strong. From the presence of ancient ruins in the Torekkian deserts it is thought that they were once a more “civilised” people, but no-one has ever been able to ascertain this for certain. It is thought that the legendary First King of the Daykari Galrath was born of a Torekkian mother.

Most Torekkians venerate the spirits of various natural phenomena and also engage in ancestor worship, but they practises vary tremendously from person to person.


Torekkians are dark-skinned, dark eyed and dark haired. The other human races occasionally refer to them as “Shadowmen”, an allusion to their skin and also to the commonly held belief that their ancestor worship constitutes a sanitised form of necromancy.

Post Lament

No-one knows how the Torekkians fared during the lament. Their lands were subjected to the same energies as the other nations, but with no solid structures the extent of the destruction could not be measured. The loss of life is similarly difficult to estimate, but it has been noted that fewer Torekkians are seen outside their own lands than in the times before.


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