The Chronicler Protectorate

“Still water breeds poison. Thus do the races that fail to move onwards always, like the waters of the Sureheart, become rotten from within and succumb to the entropy of the ages.”
From Sermoni Bana Ulsain written by Categist Robert Silian

The Chroniclers were a race of humanoids who predated the major sentient races of the First Continent. Within their vast walled nation they had amassed repositories of knowledge that reputedly exceeded any in existence. They were scholars and magicians in the main and had achieved such long lifespans that they no longer aged as the other races do.

The Chroniclers were isolated from the world, aloof and disinterested in interaction with those they regarded as “lesser races”. When the demon-king Satsugai approached their city they scorned his presence. They were the first casualties of his insanity. Satsugai used the axe of the abyss to split the mortal plane asunder and bring through the army which later tore Ulsinor in two. The Chroniclers were destroyed by the armies of the abyss and their treasures taken or scattered.

It is rumoured that not all of the Chroniclers died thus, but that some survived as lone wanderers, the last remnants of a dead race.

The Chronicler Protectorate

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