The Black Siege

“There is no curse too heinous to heap upon the head of the demon-warrior Satsugai. Not only did he murder millions with his warmongering but he brought the taint of the abyss to our fair lands. Every Ulsine must labour day and night to keep the demons from gaining a foothold in our minds or bodies, and it is only through the divine hand of the Church that we are kept safe. If we had only known who he truly was, where he came from, perhaps our forefathers could have stopped him, but what seems clear after my years of research is that in the end it was the ‘Bright Man’, a figure who we know even less of, who brought an end to his evil. The chaos of the Lament was indeed a far greater trial, but no child of Ulsinor should ever be allowed to live in ignorance of the great loss that culminated in the Black Siege”
- From Legends and Lore written by First Provost Fabian Mantovar 2260AR

In the year 2200 a great army moved against the nation of Ulsinor. It tore the provinces to the east of the mighty Sureheart asunder and in six weeks of battle had brought its banners to the very edge of the Longstride Keep.

The army was an accursed assembly of demons united under the banner of the demon-blood warrior Satsugai. Millions of Ulsines died and the Longstride Keep, the most impressive and unassailable fortress ever built by man, was ravaged. The Black Siege, as it was called, lasted around thirty days. It is widely remembered as the time when the Dragar Legion triumphed against the hordes, but this was only possible due to the death of their leader at the hands of an unknown warrior.

Though the abyssal creatures were slaughtered or driven back into the plane of their birth they left behind a corrupting influence that persists to this day. In both Longstride and Eastern Ulsinor there are a far larger number of Felkin born than anywhere else on the First Continent. Due to the purges of the Church of the Founder these beings seldom live long.

The Black Siege

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