Skytrap Ayrgari

The deep, broad, forested crater known as the skytrap is home to a fiercely militaristic and imperial branch of the Ayrgari race. When northern ayrgari reach their eighteenth year they are subjected to a ritual known as “grounding” which is the surgical removal of their wings. The reasons for this are not always clear to outsiders.

Proud and haughty, northern ayrgari consider all other races to be beneath them, and hold the highest contempt for any of their species who are not grounded. They detest the Heartwood Ayrgari greatly, and will quite often execute any of their own who refuse to be grounded.

The Skytrap was the kingdom which warred with the Ulari in The Clay Wars, leading to millennia of poor relations between the two species.

The Skytrap is also the closest and most accessible ayrgari territory from the lands of Ulsinor, which have a historical, if rather cold alliance with the race. It is this fact that has meant most Ulsines do not believe that “elfkin” have wings at all.

Skytrap Ayrgari

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