The Shaels were once one amongst many tribes who colonised the Freeholds, an area aurrounding the great chasm in the East. Through numberless tribal wars the Shaels were able to destroy or assimilate most of their surrounding tribes and soon numbered in the tens of thousands.

In 1241 BR the first Shaelic Warmaster Pao Kasan began a war on the southern Allclan territories, conquering sixteen separate fiefdoms and establishing the nation of Shaelor.

By the time the Emperor Bana Ulsain united the All-Clan territories into what was to become Ulsinor Shaelor was a feudal state, with a number of Battleprinces controlling separate pieces of the kingdom under the command of the new Warmaster. After the death of Ulsain the Warmaster Kato led the Shaelic people in a number of long, bloody wars against Ulsinor. In 921BR the Shaelic Warmaster signed the first formal peace treaty between the two nations. Though many wars were fought after this date the territories have remained more or less constant.


Shaelor is founded on a fierce warrior culture where only the strongest survive. Shaels are taught to fight with fists and feet from the age of four, and given live blades at six. Physical conflict is encouraged from a young age and it is rare to find an adult Shael without any scars.

Their government is similarly brutal. The Warmaster is a warrior who is able to best his predecessor in a test of arms. These fights are always to the death, consequently most warmasters do not last very long. Battleprinces are similarly selected, but as they tend to take a more active hand in the day to day running of their kingdoms they tend to retain their positions for far longer. The Battleprinces are often said to be the true powers in the realm.

Shaels have no law enforcement like the Shields of Ulsinor. Criminals, when caught, are subjected to a number of fights to the death in the Grand Arena as the Battleprince decrees. If they survive the given number of fights they are assumed to have paid for their transgressions or to have been innocent in the first place. Though this barbaric practise is frowned on by the Ulsines, there is no denying that there is very little crime in Shaelor.


Shaels are olive skinned, dark haired and dark eyed. Almost all have broken noses, plentiful scars and numerous tattoos, usually depicting some aspect of their clan. Most Shaels have no use for jewellery or fine clothing, and keep their hair short to minimise the chances of someone using these affectations against them in combat.

Post Lament

Although massive amounts of damage was done to Shaelor itself many more of its people survived than those of other races. At one time Ulsines outnumbered them two to one, but now there are almost as many Shaels alive as Ulsines. Modern day Shaelor is much less stable than it was, with outright war occurring on an almost constant basis between the various battleprinces and their subjects.


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