The Massar (literally “giant” in the Old Tongue) are immense humanoid creatures of medium to low intelligence who live in some of the wilder lands of the First Continent, with the greatest concentration in the mountain wilderness known as the Giant Wanderings around Kulthas Peak.

Massar vary in size, but almost all are over ten feet tall. They are often solitary, but many form tribal or familial groups with clearly defined territories. They lack the ability to craft, and tend to live in naturally occurring shelters such as underground taverns or woodland. Their skin varies in colour from jet black to bright yellow, green or red, and the variety of differences between these various types have led many to suggest that there may be many subtly different species of massar.

They are capable of language, and despite their reputation as raging monsters there have been a small number of recorded incidences of their co-operation with other races.

The White Dyar have been known to enslave the massar during times of war, using them as shock troops or as muscle to move their siege engines.


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