Kaldair's Lament

“The Church of the Founder would have us believe that the Lament was the will of the Founder himself, that Bana Ulsain decreed magic was wicked and purged it from the land. This, like many religious theories, cannot be proven or disproven, but what cannot be denied it that the Lament was the most disastrous event to befall the civilisations of the First Continent in millennia. Study of the Lament and the figures connected with it is considered heretical, but I must assert in the strongest terms possible that those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it, and it is highly unlikely that the world could survive a second Lament.”
- “Essays on the End of the World” Toban Richezze 2269AR

Though opinions on the exact nature of Kaldair’s Lament are strongly divided, it is known that in the year 2201 Anno Regis (as calculated by the Imperial Calendar) an Ayrgari named Kaldair, the most powerful sorceror of his age, channelled all of the magical energies of the world into a force which caused massive destruction to the First Continent.

The event was preceded by a strong premonition which spread into the minds of every magically receptive being in existence, killing many of the weaker or less adept amongst them. The survival of the nations of the First Continent and their people is due to the actions of those mages who were able to comprehend and act upon this vision.

Prior to the Lament magic was inherent in all things, and those with skill could channel the energies of their own souls to affect change. When the destruction ended and those who survived attempted to use their power they found that they could now only channel energies from those artifacts which had been imbued with energy before the Lament occurred, and that these items had often been changed or weakened in the disaster.

Kaldair's Lament

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