“A lament for all the world was the gift of the Ender; a million tears of grief for those destroyed by the touch of the last true spell. Blackened be his soul, forever to suffer the torment of the abyss for the cruelty he wrought on man, elf and dwarf in his arrogance! Thrice damned and cursed be he. Let never mortal utter the name Kaldair without casting his eyes to his light and weeping that his punishment cannot be ours to give again.”
- From The Broken Age – A History of the Aftermath of the Lament by First Provost Fabian Mantovar 2255AR

No figure in history has ever been so controversial as the Ayrgari sorceror Kaldair. Variously known as “Ender”, “Destroyer” and “Saviour” by the civilised races of the world his story is one which sparks heated debate in all corners of the First Continent.

What is agreed is that the destructive force which levelled much of the First Continent, tore magic from the world, sundered the skies and brought about the birth of the Warpspawn, was a direct result of an action undertaken by this sorceror, formerly of the Skytrap. The reasons for the Lament are hotly debated

Despite the Ulsines assertion that the Lament was the will of the Founderian deity Bana Ulsain, as his judgement against the wicked use of magic by the races of the world, Kaldair is vilified in the lands which have been touched by the faith of the founder. Opinion is much more divided amongst the Shaels, but the Northlanders, who scarcely agree with anything the Empire has to say, agree at least with the hatred that is espoused against him.

The Ayrgari of the Skytrap have taken pains to demonstrate that they exiled Kaldair long before the Lament, and attempted to hunt him down when his magic grew too strong, but their failure still taints their relationship with the other races.

No-one can know what the Ulari think of him, but there can be little doubt that their underground cities fared better under the onslaught than those on the surface.

Strangest is the tales that still circulate wherever the hand of the Church of the Founder is weak; that Kaldair was no monster, but a hero. That Kaldair unleashed the spell that murdered millions to save the rest of the First Continent from a greater evil.

Whatever the truth of the matter, all of the sentient races of the first continent are continually reminded of not only the destruction of the Lament, but of Kaldair’s involvement. The great star known as “Kaldair’s Light” is still the brightest star in the sky, a continual reminder to the world of the awful power of sorcery and the wounds that it wreaked on the world.


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