“First Lord of our people. By your will were we made again in your image! Not broken but remade, never to be broken again! Proud Daykar a testament to your might and the might of those who had been slaves, but no longer! Unbroken! By Galrath’s hand remade!”
- From The Chronicles of Galrath author unknown.

In 2175AR a child was born in the tribal lands of Torek, it was said that he was Makari, a broken child, son of a forced union between his human mother and a monstrous trol. When he came of age he made his pilgrimage into the world of men, as was the custom of his tribe, but due to his monstrous form he was captured and sold into slavery. It is from these humble beginnings that the hero of Daykar emerged.

Many tales have been told of the legendary figure of Galrath, but what little information we have comes in the main from a number of books from various sources, each claiming to be a true and faithful retelling of his life. Little can be authenticated, but what is clear is that Galrath was the man responsible for the formation of the city of Daykar, which would later become the nation of the same name. It was he who gathered the Makari, a slave race during his lifetime, and helped them to found a territory of their own in the southern reaches of the First Continent.

Some versions of his story suggest that Galrath was responsible for fighting a creature known as the Deep Wyrm, a monster who threatened to destroy the world, but some of the Chronicles do not even mention this battle. What is known is that at some point prior to the Lament Galrath led an army of Liberators against a force of trolkin to the north of the Heartwood.

Galrath ruled for only seven years after the Lament, and the current government of Daykar refuses to even acknowledge his existence to the outside world, but study reveals that not only did this quasi-mythical figure exist, but that his descendents may still be alive today.

The strangest apocrypha which have been attributed to Galrath’s life involve his association with the sorceror Kaldair, the Ayrgari who was directly responsible for the devastation of the Lament.

In one version of the story Galrath attempted to prevent the Lament by doing battle with Kaldair, receiving the sorcerous wounds which later killed him. In this version of the story Daykar was spared the touch of the Lament due to his sacrifice.

In another directly contradictory telling Galrath and Kaldair were friends and travelling companions before the Lament, and Daykar was spared the destruction that was visited on the rest of the First Continent due to Kaldair’s last wish to see his friend survive.

Whatever the truth, it is clear that although Galrath is now vilified by the Master General and his Liberators, the nation of Daykar owes its existence to him.


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