Daykar is the first Makari nation, founded by the legendary king Galrath in 2199AR.

Originally a settlement of fugitive slaves led by Jonas Endain, the city of Daykar and its inhabitants (who refer to themselves as Daykari) were named for the Old Tongue word meaning “Unbroken” by Galrath himself.

Daykar is a young nation, having existed for little over 70 years. It was miraculously unscathed during the Lament, a fact that some attribute to the fact that Galrath was known to have travelled with the Ender Kaldair in the years directly preceding the Lament.

Although Daykar trades with its neighbours, predominantly the smaller settlements of humans which surround it and the souther Shaelic territories, it is notoriously insular. The government is commanded by the Master General, and safeguarded by a fanatically loyal military/police force known as the Liberators. The nation is no longer a monarchy, and royalist sentiments are met with stern punishments.


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