Church of the Founder

The Church of the Founder is the official religion of Ulsinor and is based around the veneration of the mythical figure Bana Ulsain, who was the first Emperor of Ulsinor. According to myth Bana enjoyed the patronage (or possibly parentage) of the dragon Jaheroset and as such the church also venerates dragons.

All Founderians are fiercely loyal to the Empress.

In the times after Kaldair’s Lament it became enshrined in lore that Bana Ulsain had decreed that magic was to be removed from the hands of man for its wickedness. Sorcery is only tolerated in some small areas where its use benefits the empire. Any mage foolish enough to use their art within sight of a Founderian often finds themself on the receiving end of a punitive beating at best and a burning at worst.

Founderians are most zealous in the destruction of abyssally tainted beings. Demons, Felkin and Warpspawn are all detested, and hunted down without mercy. Many of the Founderians do not draw a distinction between lesser abyssal creatures and Makari.

Founders almost always wear heavy plate mail adorned with emblems of dragons, most usually the dragon’s head.

Church of the Founder

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