Bana Ulsain

“Praise be to the Founder.
By the strength of his will made beloved of the Dragon.
By the strength of his arm made ruler of men
By the strength of his blood made our guardian for all time
Praise be to the Founder.
Praise be to his blood.”

- Catechism of the Founder from The Sermons of the Emperor

Bana Ulsain is the legendary hero of men and patron deity of the Church of the Founder. He is worshipped widely in Ulsinor.

According to religious texts Bana Ulsain was granted powers beyond mortal men by the golden dragon Jaheroset at the moment of his birth. Many tales are told of his exploits, but the most widely circulated tale, and the linchpin of the Founderian faith, involve the trolkin (now more commonly known by their ancient name Dyar) invasion of Ulsinor.

When the trolkin armies began to gather in the Freeholds Bana was gifted with visions of the doom that was to befall the All-Clan Territories. He approached the Lord of Sula, his home province (which was later destroyed in the events directly preceding The Black Siege and became known as the Bonefields) to convince the lord to put aside his differences with the other Clan Lords and fight united. Lord Sula was quick to anger and, enraged by the presumption of this peasant, had him bound in irons and sent to the Isle of Chains. Bana was able to forge alliances with a number of other inmates and escaped in 134BR.

Under the assumed name of Westin he volunteered his services in the destruction of the many and varied enemies that the lord of Dechtar was beset by. He became so beloved of the Clan Lord that the heirless noble bequeathed his crown to Bana, who quickly transformed the fighting forces of Dechtar into an army capable of besting any army in the All-clan territories.

Through displays of strength and wisdom recounted in the Trials of the Founder he was able to secure co-operation from all of the clan heads, including Lord Sula, and led the armies of men to victory over the trolkin hordes. He gained the name “Ulsain” (literally “Saviour” in the Old Tongue) He was proclaimed emperor in 92BR and ruled for almost a century. After his death the Church of the Founder began to venerate the dragon Jaheroset, but the ancestor worship already prevalent in the clans led to the elevation of Bana himself to the godhead of the church.

The All-Clan territories was renamed “”/campaign/the-chronicles/wikis/ulsinor" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ulsinor" in 122AR

Bana Ulsain

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