Chronicles of Galrath (Apocryphal)

A tome detailing the life of the Hero King Galrath


This book is one of many copies of a mystical/historical text following the life and exploits of the Daykari nation’s first king Galrath.


This text has been written by many different authors over the years since Galrath’s death and has been copied many times. Each book is subtly different, and there is little doubt that there have been errors in the translation and transcription from the original text.

In this particular copy the figure of Galrath himself has been elevated to almost godlike status. It is more of a religious treatise than an attempt to chronicle the life of the man.

It is also notable that the figure of Kaldair, mentioned in some other versions as having been a travelling companion and even friend of the king, is here either sidelined or vilified. In one highly questionable story Galrath is said to do battle with the fabled mage.

Though there are undoubtedly some morsels of truth in these pages the errors and outright fabrication make its accuracy somewhat dubious.

Chronicles of Galrath (Apocryphal)

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