An Associate in the Baerlon Outriders


Miri is a shaelic healer, although her race’s rather brutal, combative approach to such arts means she is not often recognised as such by outsiders. She has a deep and abiding loathing for Toothpick, which seems to be based on prior experience of other Shaelic men rather than anything specific to her commanding officer. Her lover Akara is fiercely protective of her, but mostly on an emotional level as Miri has proven herself to be a capable warrior on numerous occasions.


After terrible events of the journey towards Imperion, Akara’s death has struck a blow on Miri’s fragile psyche. She became catatonic and then vanished from the group into the darkness of an unknown cave system. Witnesses have said they last saw her in mortal combat with fire elementals, whether or not she will make it out of the cave system alive is yet to be seen.


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