Third in Command of the Baerlon Outriders


No longer tainted by the abyss!
Makari of the Daykari nation

- Super strong
- good archer
- reasonably good with long sword

- has knowledge of Lore
- limited knowledge of post-lament magic inc. abyssal
- some knowledge filtered down through family (and The Chronicles) of pre-Lament times


Liberators, especially the Master General – hated enemy
Tam – blossoming romance
Black Suns (especially that git who took his gold) – enemy
Outriders (especially daykari) – allies

Goals – free remnants of family
– contact soul of Galrath
– unite Emacipators to overthrow Master General
– have kids (at some point)
– help make the Outriders solvent
– acquire a copy of The Chronicles


The Chronicles Cynric