Unit Commander in the Baerlon Outriders


Galad was recruited into the Black Suns mercenary company in the border town of Three Swords. Whilst serving as a shieldrunner for a merchant caravan with Hunter, Hawk and Toothpick he received a mortal wound and it was only through medical attention received from Toothpick that he survived.

When Hunter, Hawk and Toothpick were sent to Baerlon Galad followed.

During his time in the company Galad has demonstrated excellent swordsmanship, and a degree of education that suggests he was once a member of a noble house. Though he takes pains to hide it, a few of the Outriders have seen that he bears a dragon-head tattoo on his right shoulder – the Ulsine Imperial crest, also known as the Mark of the Dragar



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