The Chronicles

21 - The Daykar Insurrection

  • Hunter, Toothpick and Galad entered intro an agreement with Baron Madrigar, a merchant nobleman of Daykar. The Baron offered to aid Hunter in reclaiming the throne, in exchange for the party’s elimination of Tychus Sand, the Master General, his fanatically loyal Black Guard and chief lieutenant Boros Dai, colloquially known as “The Boar”
  • After making contact with a Torekkian known as Sil, Toothpick engaged in a duel of the open hand and bested the man. A wager made prior to his victory ensured Sil’s assistance during their infiltration of the Great Keep.
  • Hunter managed to best the Master General in single combat whilst Sil and Toothpick dealt with his Black Guard and the Boar. Unfortunately the Baron Madrigar arrived whilst the party were reeling from their injuries and had his Liberators beat them bloody and taken them prisoner.



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