The Chronicles

20 - Torin's Reach and the Shadow Hills


  • Having defeated the decrepit golem that guarded the pass into the Runnermines, the party spent many days attempting to find their way back into daylight. Finally they were able to find a path back into daylight, and spied their destination at long last; the mountain monastery of Torin’s Reach.
  • The party were met by the man who had appeared to each of them in their dreams, who introduced himself as Sen, the last caretaker of the monastery. He gave the party lodgings and a few stern words on the subject of tardiness. During the night he came to each of them in turn.
  • Toothpick was bombarded by flame that only ceased when he was able to project his null field out from his body in a silencing bolt.
  • Aravis was struck by progressively more complicated magics until she could absorb vast amounts of sorcerous energy into her body.
  • Hunter was paralysed and forced to call upon the ancestor spirit of Galrath to defend himself.
  • Galad was apparently instructed on how to turn his voice into a dominating command, but did not reveal how this was accomplished.
  • Through Sen’s warnings and Aravis’ premonitions of impending danger they learned that the forced of Mardero would come to them with the advent of a storm. After only one night the undead of the gate, led by a horrific beast with hundreds of mouths, and Sen gave his life to cover their escape into what he called the “Shadow Hills”.
  • Though Galad physically died, and was revived by Aravis, all four party members managed to escape into the heart of the monastery, and found themselves walking through a landscape that shifted with their thoughts and dreams. Though some of what occurred seemed almost prescient, the memory of this place faded quickly. What remains clear is that the party members encountered the mage Ignatius and were able to choose where they would exit the Shadow Hills.
  • After a heartfelt argument from Hunter the party decided that they would begin their attempt to destroy Mardero by freeing Hunter’s people, the Daykari, from their cruel, oppressive tyranny.



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