The Chronicles

19 - Silvershade and the Road to Torin's Reach


  • The party rested and refitted in Silvershade before heading out into the overgrown valley the locals refer to as “The Tangle”. Before leaving Hunter decided not to pay the debt he had incurred to a travelling Satyr merchant, reasoning that he may not ever pass this way again.
  • Once within the Tangle it became clear that there was a hostile force beneath them. A creature of living detritus and fungal spores lured Toothpick into the lower forest with a gleaming protuberance and was finally driven back when Aravis summoned raw flame from the elemental fire node hidden in a runnermine entrance on the floor of the valley.
  • Before entering the runnermine the party chose to rest, and were approached in camp by a being calling itself “Tom Hickory”. Though apparently humanoid the creature’s words made Toothpick suspicious, so he smacked it in the head. Immediately the illusion cracked and the frious spirit who had worn the form fled into the woods.
  • Upon entering the Runnermine the party came across a flow of magma that was pooling from the source of mana Aravis had felt. They chose to pass on, keeping their bearings for Torin’s Reach, but lingered in a great subterranean hall where great treasures had been stashed. Unfortunately their meddling set off one of the ancient Ulari constructs that had been set to protect the treasure.



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