The Chronicles

18 - Ayaken's Chalice and Galad's Return


  • Having tasted of the water of Ayaken, drawn from her altar and consecrated by her chalice, Toothpick was granted an audience with the goddess, who anointed him her “battle priest” and instructed him to go to Torin’s Reach in order to become a “Champion of the Light”.
  • After many days travel the party came upon the village of Silvershade, a mountain town with an eclectic mix of races all involved in the process of mining in the area. Aravis secured lodgings whilst Hunter and Toothpick began to offload their unwanted gear.
  • Toothpick and Hunter encountered a young woman named Ferrin, who told them she had led a human through on the path to Torin’s reach not a day ago. The man’s description was so startlingly similar to Galad that the two outriders set off immediately, and soon came upon their old comrade in arms.
  • Galad relayed to them that only a handful of the Outriders escaped the massacre at Tacansi’s Hold.



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