The Chronicles

17 - The Lake of Tears


  • Aravis landed some way from where Hunter and Toothpick hit and was able to scramble down into the valley relatively unscathed thanks to the magical charges of Rubius Kai’s artifacts.
  • Meanwhile Hunter lay bleeding to death. Toothpick‘s medicine managed to keep him stable, but with dwindling supplies the Shael chanced the application of the Goblin Blue Petals he had been given mysteriously by the Leaf Goblins. He reasoned it probably wouldn’t kill him.
  • In the middle of a drug-induced hallucinogenic episode Hunter physically threw himself from the walls of the cliff, destroying most of his armour, almost killing him, and plunging him through the roof of an inn in the valley below.
  • It turns out that gold can buy an awful lot of no questions, and by the time Aravis had caught up, still with the unconscious Rubius Kai, Hunter had been patched up and they were ready to leave.
  • Although the team briefly allowed a bard named Warwick the Black to accompany them, an encounter with a native Ayrgari outpost convinced him that he did not stand a good chance of survival with the group, and Aravis, Toothpick, Laya and Hunter passed into the Sawpeaks together. Unfortunately, fearing for her life whilst negotiating a sheer drop, Laya disappeared entirely.
  • Using the water spirit ring Toothpick was able to breathe underwater and negotiate with the inscrutable fish people, with the help of the amulet of Ayaken, which the creatures apparently venerated. Despite signs of a power struggle within the Illicrys society the team were able to use a massive lake creature to gain passage to a tower in the centre of the lake where a golden chalice sat over a radiant pool. An old priest managed to utter a welcome before he died, and when Toothpick saw the mark of ayaken on the chalice, he dipped it into the waters and drank.



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