The Chronicles

16 - Sharokai


  • Toothpick and Hunter were met at the gates of Sharokai by Rubius Kai, the emissary to [[:Duke Haylon Shandor IV]], the ruler of the city state, who requested their company at the Duke’s dining table.
  • Whilst hunting for lodgings the party encountered the Torekkian warrior Aravis, who insisted on joining them, saying only that their destinies were somehow entwined. With the Outriders scattered or dead the party was short on muscle and this arrangement suited them fine.
  • Although civil during dinner, the Duke was unmistakeably false. He offered them lodgings within his fortress keep, and the team accepted, but during the night they each succumbed to a powerful lethargy. On waking they found themselves stripped and caged in a dungeon.
  • During their escape Aravis, Hunter and Toothpick rescued a young girl named Laya and left the castle in a frenzied, death defying fall from the battlements, an unconscious and captive Rubius Kai in tow.



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