The Chronicles

15 - Massacre at Greenleaf


  • Hunter and Toothpick returned to Greenleaf to find the village in flames. The armies of the Gate had attacked, capturing Hawk and killing every other man, woman and child in the area.
  • Outnumbered a dozen to one the surviving members of the Outriders made the decision to flee rather than attempt to free Hawk from Mardero’s men, and made their way into The Banded Woods.
  • After a protracted period living rough in the wilderness the duo came across the small village of Holt. It has seemed a useful respite from their struggles, but the Gate was not far behind. Thankfully Hunter and Toothpick managed to tap into the strange energies that surrounded each of them and destroyed the small force of gate knights.
  • Fearing for the safety of those around them, Toothpick and Hunter pushed on along the road towards the Ulsine city of Sharokai. That night both men dreamt of Tacansi’s Hold, and a great battle between the armies of the Gate and the forces of the Dragar Legion. When a great black web descended on the Gate forces and began to destroy them they noticed an old man holding a broom on the battlements behind them. He told them that they had already dallied too long, that they had ignored their destiny, and that if they did not make their way to Torin’s Reach all the death would be in vain.



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