The Chronicles

14.5 - The Fade Forest


  • Hawk has cloistered himself away within the inn at Greenleaf, planning the Outrider’s next move, but the old maps of the Empire do not show the terrain around Greenleaf in sufficient detail. In an attempt to gain more information Hawk Dispatched his two lieutenants, Toothpick and Hunter, to the southern path through the Fade Forest.
  • The party encountered the symbiotic parasites known as Red Worms and despite being poisoned by the creature’s psychoactive venom and spending a night speaking with the trees, escaped with relatively minor wounds.
  • After avoiding the territory of the indigenous warp giants known as Shamblers the party stumbled across a dungeon surrounded by corpses from numerous different eras. Within they were attacked by the undead remains of a paladin who had been possessed and reanimated by a cruel red sword. Only Toothpick’s “null field” and a mysterious force emananting from within Hunter kept them from becoming host to the blade’s dark energies. The intervention of a Heartwood exile named Loric allowed them to remove the crystal which powered the weapon from its hilt and encase it within living wood. Hunter, having determined that the stone may have been a part of a weapon once wielded by Kaldair, decided to leave it within the Fade with the ayrgari.
  • Loric’s area knowledge allowed the pair to leave the Fade Forest and make for the village of Leafstride. After dealing with some local bandit trouble they gained the favour of Darien, a local Shield Commander. Having retirved some goods they enlisted a strong-willed merchant woman named Ophelia into their organisation.
  • Whilst returning to Greenleaf the party came to the Ulsine border town of Barkan and witnessed the results of an Imperial recruitment drive as thousands of newly enlisted men from the area amassed in the central courtyard. With blood-lust high amongst the new men the appearance of a Shael, one of the Ulsine’s ancestral enemies, was met with racial violence. The party escaped into the sewer system of the city.
  • In the caverns beneath the city the party was attacked by warped humanoid rats living in the area and triumphed, only to succumb to the disease and infection laced within their wounds in the days that followed. Thanks to Toothpick’s medical skill and Hunter’s survival abilities they were able to create herbal remedies which alleviated their symptoms, however as they stood on the edge of the Fade Forest and looked out across the plateau they descended into a preternatual darkness and time passed without memory.



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