The Chronicles

14 - The Emberpeak Grotto


  • Surfacing from the water the commanders of the Outriders found that their wounds had been miraculously healed, and that they now stood in a lush and verdant grotto hidden away from the world.
  • Within the grotto they discovered a community of Leaf Goblins, tiny creatures which had apparently evolved in isolation from any natural predators. The creatures were entirely benign, and the group spent a few days investigating and (somewhat haphazardly) influencing their proto-society.
  • Infuriated by the relative inactivity of the group Redshank lashed out at one of the creatures in a moment of fury. Toothpick, who had developed an affection for the small creatures, grabbed his fellow Shael and attempted to beat some sense into him whilst Hawk took the dying goblin to the waters.
  • The same water spirits that had apparently saved the team’s lives were seemingly displeased with the death of one of their people, and lashed out at Redshank in a torrential blast of water which shattered his body on the rocks.
  • After bidding a slightly unwilling farewell to the tiny creatures the team managed to climb out onto the mountainside once more. In the bitter cold and howling winds they found their way to an abandoned farmhouse where they set up camp. They were all surprised to see their missing team member Miri making her way towards them, naked in the snow.
  • With Hunter and Toothpick attempting to warm the almost frozen form of Miri Hawk channelled some of the tass he had collected into a bolt of fire to dry and ignite the damp, frozen firewood. Miri’s form immediately split open, revealing the horrendous monstrosity that had imitated their companion.
  • Having destroyed the Miri-beast the team made their way to Greenleaf, a small farming village, and found lodgings at the inn. Toothpick spent an instructive night in the intimate company of a Northlander couple. Hunter and Hawk, meanwhile, received word via longrunner that the city of Baerlon was no longer safe, after they failed to complete the task set for them by the god-king Mardero.
  • Whilst refitting at a local trader Hunter encountered one of the Black Suns mercenaries who had stolen 700 gold pieces from him back in Baerlon. He killed the treacherous individual in (reasonably) fair combat and the team managed to repair and refit. However Weir, their long-suffering companion, took this opportunity to leave their service and join the employ of the trader in place of the deceased Black Sun.

*The team learned that there was war in the North between a great red dragon and the god king. They also learned that the nobles of Tacansi’s Hold, an Ulsine border town were pushing for fresh recruits in the face of rising antagonism from Mardero’s forces.



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